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What will you find on my YouTube channel

When I decided to create a YouTube channel, I was still not sure what I could offer to a potential community from the video format. I just started recording process videos and little by little, my purpose became clearer. I found myself turning to the same recurring idea: I would try to kill two birds with a single stone and the three of us would appear in the photo (See my statement as an artist) I explain below.

My activity as an illustrator will continue inexorably, what if I try to document all the small aspects of this task and then put them together and share them as a manual or tutorial?

Simple and clean. If someone can take advantage of my daily and unavoidable activity, I will consider myself more than paid.

Currently I have embarked on four big projects:

"Athena" a webcomic with the collaboration of the screenwriter Daniel Cruces-Perez.

"The Path of the Hollow Knight", a webcomic based on the gaming experience of the Souls series and is further developed towards the Patreon platform.

"Sons of Earthling", a webcomic that I write and draw with some special collaborations of Yadira Ortiz Cardenas.

And "Pantheon" an artistic project where he exploited different manifestations of fine arts and which aims to end in a gallery.

On YouTube I will be sharing the "waste" of my actions in these four projects. I hope some of you are encouraged to bring out that artist

we all have in power. Visit this new channel and do not hesitate to leave your impressions.

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