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The video game that touched me to the point of dedicating a whole comic.

I belong to a generation that played a lot of video games in his childhood. Some of us continue with this hobby until our adulthood. And is that video games are not just a fun to kill time. Video games can transport you to areas you will never really see, not to mention the fictional worlds in which they can immerse you.

In my case, the experience of playing certain video games has resulted in my art going through certain traces that come from these fictional worlds. But sometimes, as a tribute you make an illustration or a fanart. Some of us go even further and spend a lot of time recreating complete scenes from a particular video game.

Dark Soul has been for me, not the only game to which I have dedicated my art, but to which I have dedicated more time.

Here is another artist who has dedicated a lot of time to this great game.

And it is that his story is so ambiguous that while playing it he could not avoid philosophizing and speculating about the events were happening.

Little by little, the idea came up in my mind of making a comic that had its same atmosphere and trying to answer some questions that remain unanswered from the gaming experience.

This is how The Path of the Hollow Knignt was born. A story that unfolds in the decaying Lordran. I started a few months ago and I decided to publish tutorials and process videos on Patreon and on the social media. I would be grateful if you could give me your opinions about this tribute to Dark Soul.

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