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The Path of the Hollow Knight as Interactive RPG

I have decided that The Path of the Hollow Knight will be built on the basis of your decisions. It will be something like an Interactive Webcomic with the rules of the RPG (Role Playing Game) and based on the Dark Soul Saga. So you will become co-creators of this work tribute to the Fromsoftware game.

It will work this way: with certain frequency (once a week, if my time share among so many projects allows me) I will be publishing a page with an indicator of 4 basic decisions. So at this stage you can decide between these 4 actions:

A-Take the key in the Undead and open the cell.

B-Check my equipment.

C-Shout at the Knight of Astora who has just closed the hatch.

D-Sit and wait for a long time.

You only have to comment on some of these posts with a letter that corresponds to what you want to happen on the next page.

Just for comment, they will be part of the gionist team of The Path of the Hollow Knight and their name will appear in the credits.

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