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The Art-nouveau as inspiration.

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Art-nouveau has always been one of the visual styles that have attracted me. From my time as a student I nourished a lot with its formal part. In the library of my school there was not much information about artists that belonged to this tendency and the time on the internet was almost nil in those days. In any case, my style fluctuated as I discovered new trends, but always returned to the decorative patent of Art-nouveau. Very recently I met Heinrich lefler & Joseph Urban. I didn't even investigate much about who they were, more than anything I immersed myself in their images.

It would be good to take them as a reference to exploit decorative motifs and compositions.

This is white snow. Impressive motifs reminiscent of pine needles and pineapples, but the texture used to color them is also very cool. Investigating some of this process would be useful.

The way in which they integrate the architectural patterns could be very useful for the second volume of Athena that we are thinking. Perhaps it would be interesting to start rehearsing with this by making first volume impressions. Symmetry is a very important element when it comes to architectural patterns

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