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Roaming Social Networks(Alejandro Sirio)

Some consider social networks a real waste of time and it is increasingly common to meet people who have already evading them. The truth is that there are times when nothing that interests me show up. Only trivial and sad memes. Sometimes I agree with the postulate that we are in a Society of Opinion. Everyone wants to share opinions, no matter how etupid and lack of ethics they are. Sometimes I find treasures (of course what I call treasures, someone else will call meaningless crap). I plan to use my blog to share these treasures.

A few months ago I found this giant of the Argentine illustration. Alejandro Sirio is of Spanish origin but developed his work in Argentina. Since I saw his work I am hooked on his use of textures. It is incredible what he achieved with just a few drops of ink. The movement of his compositions is also incredible. The balance of its urban landscapes inspires me a lot to illustrate the walls of Lordran. His black and white work attracts me a lot, has that touch reminds me a lot of an engraving impression.

I think I've had enough influence on this illustrator even before I met him. Judge for yourself. Let me know your opinion. You can contribute a lot to the development of an artist and his projects. Exercise

your right to opinion and discuss aesthetics.

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