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Hello! My name is Yussuan Remolina Amador. I'm a visual artist born in
Havana, Cuba, now residing in the US. From early childhood I used to
recreate little characters and draw comics from the stories and books
I read about. Sometimes I found myself inventing my own stories. In
order to develop my skills I enrolled in the San Alejandro Academy of
Fine Arts, in the Engraving Specialist Course. There I learned
techniques that allowed me to give my stories new dimensions. I began
including allusions from daily life, turning them into fables and
parables. With time and study I learned to express everything I wanted
using an image, hence illustration turned out to be my ideal
expressive medium. My early works were collaborations with several
directors working as a concept artist. At the same time I began
displaying my paintings in various museums and galleries in Mexico, a
country where I lived until recently, before deciding to settle in the
United States. My goal is to develop my career as an illustrator and
comic artist. To build a solid career in this field I need your
support. That's why I'm using this new platform. My dream is to
evolve, interacting with those who could be my audience. Right now I'm
in the middle of designing characters for a script made by a friend. I
expect this interaction will give birth to a comic book following a
noir aesthetic. I'm also doing fan art based on video-games and films.
I have no more to say, other than to thank you in advance, and welcome

you to share my dreams.

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